Yoga is the bunch of exercises that is practiced by many numbers of people in current time. Yoga contains plenty of benefits due to which a number of people get success in overcoming their health issues and feel fit and healthy after practicing it on daily basis.

But yoga is always misunderstood by some people. They used to relate the yoga with religion, people and some other issues.

Due to these reasons they avoid practicing yoga as they think that exercising it will hurt their religion and culture’s norms.

But it’s not true yoga Is for all. It doesn’t belong to one religion or culture it is just some poses or exercise whose motive is to make people fit and fine.

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Most of the people believe in myths that are not applicable in reality.

Ignoring these myths you should focus on your health, for this, you can join one of the yoga classes Penrith to remain fit and healthy instead of indulging in any kind of wrong myths.

Let’s have a look at these 3 popular myths about yoga:

To practice yoga you have to be vegetarian

Most of the people avoid practicing yoga as they used to believe in this kind of myth. This is a very untrue thing, as it doesn’t matter whether you eat vegetarian or non-vegetarian food.

Yoga doesn’t force anyone to eat only vegetarian food instead it only tells the advantages of being vegetarian.

Otherwise, it is your choice what kind of food you love to eat there is no restriction from its side.

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Yoga belongs to some religion

This another wrong thing in which people believes. Although yoga is made by the Hindus it doesn’t mean that only people who belong to this religion are only allowed to perform yoga.

We are living in a modern era now this thinking should get diminished after all we are humans.

Yoga welcomes people of all religions to practice it.

Yoga is only practiced by the ladies

This is very untrue as yoga doesn’t differentiate between people whether they are gents, ladies or transgender.

Yoga is for all irrespective of their caste creed gender and color.