Men hate to wear garments that do not fit well. No matter whether it’s for you or anybody else, finding the proper shirt is quite a complex thing. And when the choice is so typical, like ‘save the polar bears shirt’ it makes the whole thing more complex.

The shirt has to be worn for several hours. Hence, it’s important to make certain they are not just comfortable but designed to last too. Though many of you buy shirts by simply considering the chest size, it’s vital to consider a lot of different aspects like the width of shoulders, arms’ length and size of the neck opening.

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Choose the Appropriate Color —

Looking for a shirt for an interview or any formal event? The traditional colors prove to be the ideal pick for interviews. Light blue is the most preferred. Also, grays and white look formal. To show a vibrant image, go for the eccentric or bright colors like pink, orange, and green.

Pick the Ideal Pattern —

Strong and bold colors are staples of the wardrobe because they can be matched easily. It is also possible to think about the subtle stripes or plaid patterns. The solid shirts are rather versatile as you can wear any tie along with it. It’s tough to find the ideal tie for the patterned shirts.

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Nowadays, a new trend of polar bear shirt is going on in the fashion industry. This could be the perfect idea if you are looking for something unique and out of the box.

Go for the Correct Fabric —

While some fabrics are appropriate for the summer, other has a rugged surface that is ideal for the cooler months. Cotton gives a soft feeling. This does not only gives a casual look to the person but helps to feel more comfortable too.