Whether you get from something really big or not, they still are going to serve the same purpose to an event, you know. It does not matter because the young ones that go have fun on these events will still use it and that is all that matters. We view this from the standpoint of a teenager looking to have fun, not as a corporate individual. Does that make sense? Maybe not, but looking for a photo booth might be difficult if you plan to get a Dallas TX corporate photo booth rental.

Back then we did not really have much money to buy those expensive cameras and photos and pictures have been so rare. Whenever there was a camera in the vicinity, people are always quick to be curious and eager to take a picture. Poses would even be just the usual stiff kind.

We have seen some of the photos our parents took back then and it always never failed to make us laugh because half the time they are poised so extravagantly, especially on the side of our mother, and the other half consisted of our dad looking as stiff as a statue glaring at the camera with a dead look in his eyes.

But nowadays, whenever they take a photo, our dad would pose and try to look as outlandish as possible while the mother would take the Instagram route and make stiff poise that would focus more on her surroundings rather than just here.

What the heck just happened to photography in the past decade? And it is not like that we would even print them out because all they really are good for is for storing in the phone and maybe posting on a social media or something.

We do not print these photos anymore unless it is the best one out of all the ones in the device. And if it meant something special then all the more reason to actually print it and then putting it in a frame. We do not do that anymore but there are still cases that we do. Are photographers even still a thing at weddings anymore?

Yes maybe they are but they probably will not print them as much anymore. Depending on the people that want the photos they could either print them and keep them in frames, or just keep them on their laptops or phones so they could drag them out on Facebook or something.

It is a bit petty if you think about it. It shows how we value our precious memories. There are the people that would like to keep them in space that they refer to as home, making that pictured moment intimate.

Then there is the majority of the world that would rather show it off to random strangers in order to flex just how much they have more than other people. Like, we get that you are proud of what you accomplished, we would be too if it was us. But Jesus Christ to keep doing it again and again?