Dubai Safari Tour is a fun ride on the dunes and can be enjoyed by all age groups but, it is not recommended to the faint-hearted or pregnant women. Dubai has developed recently but, very rapidly into a major business hub and a global city.

A large number of tourists have visited Dubai in the past few years and turned it into a major tourist destination. A highly recommended expedition is the Dubai desert ride which is a roller coaster ride on the dunes of the Dubai Desert.

After being picked up from your place of residence, you have driven away from the city and towards the desert. The driver would then stop at the meeting point along with all the other 4 x 4's to deflate the tires to get the car ready for the fun ride ahead.

Dune bashing on the Dubai dunes is an extraordinary experience; the skilled driver would show off his driving and take you up and down the dunes. After this thrilling experience, the car would stop on a high dune for you to experience a romantic sunset in the desert.

It is surely a breath-taking sight and not be forgotten to be captured onto your camera. All the dune bashing is sure to make you tired; to relax you are then taken to the Dubai safari tour camp.