The experience of good and building clay is best. Hand building clay requires strength. Due to the fun people have in the hand building clays, they love to join the pottery classes in Maryland where they are taught a lot about the pottery.

By joining the class of pottery, they will make you familiar with several techniques which you need to know to create your own pottery.

In the class, you will feel stress-free which will make you fresh. And after the class, you can continue with your daily routine work.

Below are some of the characteristics of the hand building clay which you should keep in mind:


The hand-building forms are very large. And due to this, you need to decrease the weight if the finished product.

This is only possible if you will mix the combustible substance into the clay. The materials which are usually used by the pottery are sawdust, coffee grounds, ground fruit pits, etc.

Finding the right-hand building clay for you

The right-hand building clay you choose depends upon the artistic and technical requirements of yours. If you are a newbie then you can contact the professionals of the pottery wheel classes Maryland where you will learn about the pottery. They will help you in choosing the right kind of clay for you.

In the class, they will also tell you the way to choose the right kind of potter’s wheel which is important to make any kind of pottery.


Thus, these are some of the characteristics of the hand building clays which you need to know if you have a great interest in pottery. You can also check this useful reference to know more about the hand building clays which are great in demand nowadays by the pottery lovers.