One of the safest and healthiest foods found in restaurants is seafood. After the food is bought at the market, or a vendor takes it to a restaurant, the easiest way to stay fresh is to make sure the food stays cold.

The most common seafood is frozen at a temperature of around 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can get fresh meat of the highest quality from good seafood providers.

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Maintaining the freshness of seafood depends on the quality of the product purchased.

Some of the things that restaurants look for when choosing seafood suppliers are:

Freezing and Storage

Restaurants look for ice supply points and refrigerators because this means they will benefit from storing seafood in their stores for approximately three days before cooking and consuming them.

Supplier Reputation

To ensure the best of seafood, restaurants always verify the expiration date. Frozen shellfish in conditions must be dense and have a very mild smell and do not have ice crystals.


The packaging used to store shellfish must be leak-proof, which means that the product inside is free of any contamination. This is the key in shellfish because pollution can affect the final taste.

Canned seafood

Seafood can be preserved and stored for a long time. For example, fish should be frozen to keep them fresh.