Anyone who has lived in more than one hotel during his lifetime knows that all hotels are not created equal. They differ in price, location, facilities, and services.

It is important to check each of these factors while looking for the place you will contact on the way. Follow this guide to get the most out of your hotel search:

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Let other tourist experiences guide you in your search. They have lived in places that you consider and they are willing to share their input. Why not read what they say about it? You can get a lot of honest feedback without leaving the comfort of your home. Even if you haven't planned to go to Reno, this site shows you how the reviews were done.

You might have a dream about a luxury suite, but your budget might not be that way. Start your search by identifying which hotel you can afford. You can save money on hotels that are usually outside your budget if you travel on weekdays and/or use special discounts.

Discounts can be found in a number of ways including online booking sites and travel clubs. If your budget is limited, booking a hotel in a location outside the main metropolitan area can produce a higher quality hotel at a good price.