The large commercial washing machine has changed so much over the years, but so have the demands of various customers.

Consider the washing machine itself and then consider the application which is now a daily requirement for the laundry system of a large organization. The first washing machine must demand that they are tailored to the operation.

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A small hotel may have 10 to 50 kg per day, and that may be on the edge of the decision to sub-contract or do it yourself. While something like a hotel may have beds and restaurant covers for 8,000 rooms each of which is changed every day, this has the demand for beds, towels, and flannels while restaurants may require tablecloths, tea towels, and napkins, and finally, Hotel is almost certainly going to offer customer service laundry.

A restaurant may have only 50 covers but needs a clean room every day, but major health authorities may have communal operations serve some outlets enormous demands quick turnaround, with the requirements of the hygienic and clean room.

Planning for such cleaners have become a major business in itself, and it can be very difficult to design for the changing market.

After deciding on the amount of washing to be done it is necessary to decide whether one, two or three-shift systems should work and the number of machines, then the workload requires a separate washing machine for the different items?

Does this mean that no application space clean and hygienic, or dirty and gross requirements that need to be kept separate?