If you are in search of an energetic and lively dog, then Jack Russell Terrier may just be the dog that you want. Very few know that these dogs are also called as ‘Parson Russell Terrier’, as this particular breed was found by a Reverend Jack Russell, who was a parson.

The height of a Jack Russell Terrier is about 10 to 15 inches and 14-18 pounds in weight. They are known for their energetic nature and alert appearance. They generally have a short coat but there are varieties with rough coats as well.

Jack Russell Terriers

The color of Jack Russell is a mixture of black, brown and tan over a white body. They have a short tail that always stands straight and do not stays in one position for very long, certainly because of their aggressive nature.

This dog is an ideal choice for people living in apartments, as they are small in size. Though, exercise is very important for these small dogs to control their energetic nature. You should take up the dog for a walk at least once in a day.

Training a Jack Russell

If you have a yard, make certain that the fencing is secure. As originally this breed was raised for hunting and digging, escaping under an insecure fence would not be tough for them. The owners of these Jacks recommend a regular training.

If they are allowed to run freely, chances are that they may become disobedient. Preferably the dog training should start at a small age, as a small puppy does not have any kind of bad habits.

Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

They can be a great companion to your kids, especially for playing ball games and chasing things. The energy of a Jack Russell matches to the energy of a child.

Jack Russell dogs can be bought from any dog store. Even some online websites offer Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale. You may choose this option if you are looking for affordable ways to get them. So, if you are having a fun loving family, the Jack Russell may be perfect choice for you.