One thing that I love Cheesecake is the fact that this is a kind of dessert that offers a lot of flexibility. The basic cheesecake came with a delicious crust and filled with cream cheese filling. The difference comes in with added ingredients either in the filling or above.

The initial taste of cheesecake is rich thanks to the cream cheese filling. A slight hint of saltiness sometimes added when used biscuit crust. The combination of the smooth texture of cream cheese filling and crust crunchy texture also adds to the overall indulgence.

There are many restaurants which provide delicious cheesecake. You can easily get the cheesecake factory menu prices.

As for the topic, there are many, many flavors to choose from. Here are some common additions:

Chocolate and Vanilla

Adding a slice of heaven in every bite was a taste of chocolate and vanilla. Chocolate and vanilla are two flavors added to almost all the desserts. This makes it sweeter and more flavorful dessert with every bite. There really is no wonder why it is also used in desserts such as cheesecake.

Chocolate is added on top of filling either as syrup or shavings. To experience even more chocolate, chocolate is added to replenish it. On the other hand, there is nothing more relaxing than a bite vanilla flavored cheesecake to provide a sweet ending to any meal.


Berries are also a great taste for cheesecake. Unlike chocolate and vanilla that provide harmony in flavor, fruit coupled with Cheesecake adds contrast. The filling was rich and creamy then contrasted with a sharp taste and pungent fruit.