Females have to face many challenges in their daily life. And the pee problem is one of the biggest problems that every female face every day. Since the new invention called female urination devices is hitting the market that allows women to pee while standing up anywhere anytime.

These devices have made many people life easier as you don’t have to use dirty public washrooms and go far away for peeing. These are the stand up and pee devices that you might be looking for.

Basically, using a female urination device you can pee while standing up like a guy. These devices are widely available in the market with different names and models. Here are some of the popular female pee devices given below:

  • Female urination device
  • FUD
  • Pee funnel
  • Female urinal

These devices are not just useful for women alone but people who find themselves unable to bend, post-surgical patients, pregnant women and elders can also take advantages of these devices. They can also be useful for trans people who might prefer to pee standing up, instead of sitting down. 

A pee funnel means that the call of nature no longer requires you to sacrifice your dignity when in an exposed area like on a trip, camping or a public event. Female pee funnels are basically a funnel or straw-like plastic device that allows you to pee while standing up.

FUDs are Reusable

A FUD can be washed after use so you can use them multiple times as these devices are made from hard plastic or silicone. A female pee device, on the other hand, is made up of a disposable paper or sheet.

A female pee device is a single time use device that you can trash after one use. It is vital to have a pee device as people used to travel on a daily basis, so they can get assisted with these useful devices. Browse this site if you want to get more information about these female pee devices.