Power washing is the best way to remove stains from the outer area of a house.

Though this method can be done using water alone, some experts recommend the use of a combination of both water and detergent so as to completely eliminate dirt and other particles from house surface.

Though it is recommended to hire a good Long Island power washing company, if you want, you can do it yourself too.

Power Washing

For that, you have to rent a pressure washer from a rental shop. If you want to use a mixture of water and detergent, choose equipment that permits the mixture into the spray.

Precautions while power washing

  • High water pressure makes it difficult to handle the pressure washing equipment which may lead to accident and injury.
  • Too much time spent in spraying a particular area can lead to erosion or a greater damage to the house.

Power Washing Services

  • If you have walls made of vinyl panels or wood, you must do the pressure washing more carefully so that you do not create moisture under and between the sidings, causing damage inside the walls.
  • Power washing can damage the house paint specifically if it is already in the peeling-off or fading stage.

Things required for power washing

  • Power washer
  • Ladders
  • Buckets
  • Scrub brushes
  • Detergent

House Power Washing

Hiring a company delivering the pressure washing services Long Island city-wide may sound a little expensive, but the quality of work that you will get is worth spending money.

But still, if you want to do it all alone, here are some tips on how to do power washing efficiently:

  • Scrub the wall prior to getting started.
  • Use both hands to hold the power washer and never operate it while standing on a ladder.
  • Cover the delicate materials like plants and electrical fixtures with duct tape or a thick cloth to avoid damages.

So, using these tips you would be able to power wash your place in an efficient way. To know the proper way to use a power washer, you may read a great post right through this link.