A company’s intranet portal is directly correlated with income in today’s digital marketplace. More and more companies are bending backward to understand analytics and optimize their portals. Intranet reporting was once very poor but today it is a critical element of any large organization’s digital workplace strategy.

As most organizations are heading towards making their organization digital, they need personal intranet protocols to achieve this. There are many companies like www.klarinetsolutions.com that provide intranet analytic solutions to these organizations.

What is an Intranet?

An intranet is a content management system. It acts as a platform, where users can store, organize, share, and access information, documents, and content from any device via web browser. The overall function of an intranet is to store the company’s resources and information in a secure and centralized location, where employees can easily access it.

Intranet Analytics Options

When it comes to intranet analytics tools, there are multiple options available. Platforms such as SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 provide their users with a few complementary analytics tools.  

Google Analytics (GA)is the most commonly used analytics software, it connects to intranets from several platforms and ultimately it provides free analytics tools.

While the Google Analytics tools are free to use, their metrics were originally developed to provide analytics for websites. Let us have a look at the advantages of using google analytics.

  • Google Analytics is free to use

As Google Analytics is free to use, many price-sensitive organizations find it easy to use.

  • Quick Setup and Ease of Use

Google analytics is quick to install with on page code snippets and relatively simple to use for understanding key elements like page views and site usage.

  • Basic Intranet Reporting Functionality   

It is built to allow customizable dashboards. The reporting can be customized to include key metrics over relevant periods.

Intranet Analytics Best Practices

When big organizations intend to invest in intranet platform, a successful portal needs constant measurement to make sure that it is functioning as a collaborative space for employees. When technology platforms and the value they provide are neglected, both the employee user experience and business productivity suffer. Navigate here to find out the advantages that these intranet platforms provide to the business.