What the world knows as Hindu Astrology or Vedic Astrology, Indians call it Jyotisha. The word Jyotisha means "the science of light" in Sanskrit. This is basically an ancient art that has stood the test of time to accurately predict the future. You can get to know more about Indian Vedic science via searching online.

The guideline for predicting the future in this way comes from the sacred Indian texts, the Vedas. There are three main branches of this art, namely-

• Indian traditional astronomy that predicts the movement of stars and planets.

• The art of predicting major events that will befall the country such as war or earthquake.

• The art of predicting the direction of one's life in the future, through a thorough study of the horoscope of his birth.

Make a Prediction

Hindu Vedic Astrology believes that each celestial body has a specific function. Although it takes the sun to be the main life force, it takes the moon to be the one who influences the fertility cycle. Vedic astrology is believed to be a branch of science because it takes a magnetic field and the gravitational pull between heavenly bodies and planet earth to affect the latter physically. And this fact acts as the main basis for his calculations.

Although Vedic astrology and Western astrology recognize twelve zodiac houses, both use different benchmarks to calculate the signs of different individual zodiacs. Unlike Western astrological predictions calculated on the sun chart, jyotisha is calculated on the lunar graph.