Are you artwork lover? Then you might have come across sellers who tried to sell you worthless paintings (in terms of high selling price or fake artwork).

A proper background check of seller is highly recommended in artwork dealings. Skipping this stage might give you sleepless nights due to huge money loss.

You can even say that artwork business is the most unregulated one. There are a number of artists that want to sell their paintings at high prices by using the name of professional and renowned painters. You need to be aware of such things while you are spending your hard-earned money on a painting.

You might have heard about the Dmitry Rybolovlev who bought Salvator Mundi, a great and most expensive masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Salvator Mundi” is a painting of Lord Christ which is described as the savior of the world with crystal sphere in his one hand.

Salvator Mundi - Painting by Leonardo
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There are some points that you need to remember while investing in an artwork so that you will not face any hassle:

Know well about your seller: This is the most important parameter that you need to consider while purchasing a painting. You should be aware of previous experiences related to your seller. What if you fell into a deal full of scam?

Search for well-established art galleries: You know well the authenticity of the artwork matters a lot. Always prefer to find a well-established art gallery for investing in paintings. These galleries will provide you with authentic products.

You can visit major auctions related to the artwork. There you can grab the information about the prices of the famous artwork.

Investment in painting could be fruitful to you if the amount is invested on genuine artwork. Do your homework by following above mentioned guidelines to be safe from the artwork scams.