In September, 2012 independent candidate Dr. S. Rob Sobhani began popping up on TV screens across Maryland. He talked unswervingly to voters about his policies to generate thousands of jobs with billions in secluded investment.

In fact, he actually spent millions of his own money to get this message out.

Sobhani, a businessman, Editor and political author of Montgomery County has poured more than $6 million of his own wealth into the Senate race, just because he believes that his campaign has tapped extensive discontent with the 2 major parties and he can stimulate more voters to back outsiders like him.

Rob Sobhani undaunted…Surprised to read that?

Well, in an interview, Sobhani was undaunted (unconcerned) about the charges, particularly one about purchasing the election.

“It’s unlucky when somebody doesn’t have tangible ideas; they go on the bout…. Neither man has tangible ideas to move Maryland headfirst.”

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Is he worried that one of the companies he hired to amass signatures has been accused of fraud? “No,” Sobhani replies simply.

“I got more autographs than Dan Bongino (Sohbani’s opponent) got votes in the primary,” Sobhani said. “That’s a digression from the real matters.”

After this conversation, the campaign manager “Sam Patten” also pointed out; the signatures were confirmed by the Boards of Elections. OOPs… (As of his June 30 report, Sobhani had spent almost $144,000 collecting signatures, with $42,000 going to Arno.) Now that is a huge amount!!

So, you can see, he was not bothered and even spent so much money for nothing, because either way, he lost the fight in the elections.