Have you ever come across the phrase ‘Cell tower leasing’ in your life?? If the answer is No, then you have arrived at the right place as today our article revolves around cell tower lease only.

Cell tower lease is a sort of property contract which happens between a telecom company as well as the owner of the land in which the cell tower will be placed.

Cell Tower Land Lease

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Since the telecom giants are always on a lookout for constructing their towers, the owners of the high rise buildings in large cities as well as those having land in rural areas can have some hopes to earn some extra cash if they decide to enter into a cell tower land lease.

Certain factors which need to be considered before granting the lease are:

  • To studying about the terrain in terms of its suitability for the specific purpose,
  • The local ordinances which govern the property specifically the security measures
  • Whether the company has the possession of authorization from the specific carrier.

Further, it is imperative to be aware regarding the owner’s rights in the deal and further it is necessary to ensure that must be explicitly mentioned in the contract.

Cell Tower Land Leases

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According to the cell tower leases, subsequent to the contract which would be signed, the operator will also enjoy certain rights over the specific land.

In this situation, the responsibility lies with the property owner only to know regarding the rights which will remain with him, the rights which will pass over to the operator as well as the areas in which the operator will need the consent of the owner.

One of the important things to consider before entering a lease contract is the evaluation of the land in terms of the rent which it would be able to fetch.

Normally, the cell tower rates depend on numerous factors. For example, whether the area is urban or rural, the market value of the specific land as well as the background of the building.