Traffic accidents are a common cause of injury for many people in the world. Most people have car accidents or know someone who has had an accident.

Traffic collisions occur when motorized vehicles collide with other vehicles, pedestrians and similar road users including animals, obstacles on the road include architectural and physical features.

Often, accidents cause death, physical injury, and damage to property. Only experts or professionals can give you the best traffic impact assessment, environmental impact assessment.

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All traffic accidents, including motorcycle accidents and train accidents, have the main denominator caused by human factors (driver disruption), vehicle design, road design, operating speed, among other factors.

Global; statistics show that traffic accidents cause significant disability and death not to mention significant financial costs for people and individuals. Road traffic deaths can be described in various ways because definitions differ from country to country.

To elaborate further, if a driver has a non-fatal heart attack that causes a road traffic accident that causes death, it is road traffic death. However, if a heart attack causes death before an accident, then it is not a road traffic death.

This definition and many others like that in various countries in the world tend to change over time. Indeed, in France, death is defined as a person who dies within 30 days after an accident; but this definition was only included after 2005 and previously used that deaths in car accidents can only occur within 6 days after the accident.

Automatic fires are a common cause of burns and according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) they kill several hundred and injure several thousand people every year.

Getting out on time from a burning car often means the difference between life and death for most people. Gasoline spills arising from car accidents must be carefully given because they are liquids that are highly flammable and can cause death if ignited.