Most of the people consider consulting a professional dentist only when they have any dental issues such as pain or teeth discoloration. However, it is vital to get a dental check-up on a routine basis in almost every 6 months from a certified dental clinic such as ToothBooth.

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It is advised to get dental checkup so that the issues which arise due to lack of proper oral care can be treated well. During the visit the dentist would be able to assess the current condition of the oral health care.

Now, a common notion among majority of the people is that examining the teeth is the only thing that happens during the checkup which is false. There are other procedures as well other than checking of teeth. So you should ensure that dentist checks the entire oral health care during check-up.

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Listed below are the major operating procedures carried out by the dentist in Chermside during routine dental check-up:

  • X-rays – These are often conducted if you are undergoing a root canal, a tooth implant, getting braces, dentures or other dental appliances for your teeth.
  • Cleaning – The primary step in this procedure is to conduct an oral exam and then if required the dentist will carry out the cleaning process. For patients suffering from plaque or other forms of oral infections, the dentist may recommend other forms of medication and regimens to restore your teeth’s good health.

    After the cleaning process, do not forget to ask questions on how your teeth should be cleaned and what toothpaste or toothbrush brand your dentist recommends you to use.
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  • Polishing – It is done to remove the hardened plaque and stains on the tooth surface. It is often mistaken as the cleaning process, whereas it’s not.

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