Over the past half-century, costume shirts have changed from underclothes to holding a prominent place in many clothes. This is one of the reasons why currently available in so many styles, colors, and patterns.

Whether a person's style is chino or suit-and-tie, a shirt is an important means of expanding one's clothes. Shirt style gives a little signal about the intention of the wearer.

Tees with pockets, button collars, left breast pocket, plain front, and single-button cuffs signal recreation while a shirt with a point-down collar, without breast pocket, the front of a placket, and French cuffs signify formality.

The beauty of customizing your shirt's style is that you can design it not only for the event but also to compliment your unique features. Men's shirt collars are the most important style details, both in determining the level of formality of clothing and in how to even the wearer's face.

The button-down collar is the most formal and very flexible; they look great without a tie but can also support a tie and blazer, sweater, or a combination of sports coats.

The wing collar, on the other hand, is reserved for formal wear and must always be worn with the accompanying parts. This is the most versatile collar, whose sole purpose is to mark the highest level of the dress.