It is true that a deep analysis of our website can help us get insights into what our customers like or actually don’t like.

But sometimes all this is not enough. What can be better than this? Wouldn’t it be better if we ourselves ask them and get straight-a-way answers from them? Yes, we’re talking about getting customer feedback.

Customer Feedback Components

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Here we will be discussing some of the top ways to get customer feedback:

  • Net promoter score software – NPS software is a management tool that can be used to measure the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships. It is an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research. It is a very effective way of getting customer feedback.

Live Chat

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  • Live Chat Support –  A recent survey tells that a highly liked feature of any E-Commerce website  by the online shoppers is the feature of a live chat because ‘Live chat’ can address customer’s issues  directly.

For example, it can help customers locate the items they may be seeking, or answer questions regarding the availability, payment, shipping of purchased items etc.

Chat support can help a company maintain a healthy relation with their customers by better understanding their needs and challenges.

  • Providing Dedicated Customer Feedback Forms on Website

Providing a dedicated feedback email—for example, is a very good option of getting customer feedback. Through this email, customers can directly communicate their complaint and grievances, if any.

According to a recent survey, 54% of online shoppers preferred this method of interaction with the customer service.

This can further be taken a step ahead by providing a dedicated feedback form which can be placed  on your website.
The form should include all relevant questions related to feedback, but within acceptable limits of lengths i.e they should not be too long that the customer runs away without providing the feedback.