Suppose you have done a lot of research and looked into different SEO companies, and found one agency you believed had the experience and knowledge to push the website on the top of the search engines.

The company starts working on your website to increase the traffic levels of the website.

However, the first month goes by and nothing seems to be changed. You start asking your SEO manager about their work and reason on why you aren’t seeing any better rankings.

Regular marketing can produce better results in a month itself. So what’s wrong? An SEO company will tell you the same thing as every other company does: “SEO takes time”.

It takes time to research relevant market and industry of the campaign. It takes a lot of time to perform necessary analyses.

And at last, it takes time to deliver high-quality content. They also state that Google takes time to recognize your website and assign the right your website deserves.

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So, let’s check why SEO takes time

Asking about how long SEO takes is an incomplete question and you may never get a satisfactory response. The right one is “how much time SEO takes to deliver results?”

Now the answer is “it depends”

  1. It depends on how long your website has been around
  2. It depends on how much SEO has been done before
  3. It depends on the condition of your website
  4. It depends on how much content is on your website

And many other factors related to SEO.

Outsource SEO companies always have a planned strategy to implement SEO process.

1. Research of the website, keyword strategy and planning are some aspects that are done during the first month of the campaign.

2. The modification is made on the website by beginning the process of technical SEO. In some cases, the entire website must be overhauled which takes another month.

3. Other SEO techniques such as link building, content writing can be done at the same time when changes are done on the website.

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You may not see any results on search engines as the changes made will impact the results only when everything is done.

At last, after all the changes and modification is done, the company will start working on different techniques such as content writing, blog posting, backlinking on daily basis to increase the traffic to your website. You can observe the increased traffic as well as sales in a month.