Since the marijuana is legal in my countries, people who are marijuana enthusiasts are actively looking for the ways to grow their own marijuana for their recreational use. These days marijuana growers only talk about using clones as clones are in high demand just because of their effective results.

Many of you may be known with the term clones while many of you are still undergoing the seeding process. However, people are more inclined towards cannabis clones rather than growing marijuana from seeds.

Undoubtedly you can acquire natural growth of marijuana by seeding process but it is somewhat a lengthy process and there is no assurance of getting exactly same plants as one another.

For those who are the starter to the process of cloning must know some important details about marijuana clones and their use. A clone is then a cutting from a mother plant or any organism whose genetic information is identical to that of a parent organism from which it was created.

Many medical marijuana dispensaries offer clones for sale as a service to their patients while there are also many retailers and online stores who sell marijuana for recreational use.

 The advantages of growing marijuana are simple that you will get exactly the same copy of the mother plant and the process of cloning will shorten the entire cycle by a month or more.

However, there are other growers that rarely use clones, instead of cloning they prefer seeding. Well, seeding is also an effective way of getting healthy marijuana but only when the grower is not in the hurry to get optimum results.

Because the process is quite time-consuming. For indoor growers, it would be great to buy marijuana seeds from a farmers market because they are reliable and will give you the best seeds for better marijuana plantation.

Both the methods are great in their own place, it depends upon the growers that what method will they opt for better marijuana plantation. Well, you can visit this site to get more details about marijuana seeds and clones.