E-Learning has been at the forefront of employee development from the start. The world has relied on computers and employee development is just another field where such systems and technologies can be successfully utilized.

Computer-based training/learning

Computer-based e-learning learning software is very common. It's not as complicated as online learning tools but also lacks some features of online learning tools. You can also visit https://instructionaldesigncompany.com/ to find out about the various eLearning courses available online.

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This can be downloaded or may only come in solid disc format. For companies who want to use this kind of electronic training method, it can still be very easy. All they have to do is give employees a copy of the software.

There are still some evaluations in this kind of training course that must be submitted by the trainees. It is also possible to reach employees in distant areas but distribution must be done through the network if not through operator services if the software is in compact disk format.

Online based training/learning

Online-based training or learning is more prevalent in the academic field. But it is also a great tool for employee development. Online-based training is a better tool for evaluating the skills and knowledge of employees because it can provide direct feedback through the internet about how much time tests or lessons are needed for them to complete.

Scores from online quizzes are certainly one of the biggest determinants of whether employees have learned enough. There are also other big advantages to online based training and learning.