Teachers in all types of college, adult or children classes need their students to have good basic behavior. Listening and not disrupting the class in any way is the skill that every teacher expects before children come to kindergarten.

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So, what professional attitude will help ballet and dance students who do not even have professional ambitions?  Should they care?

Many of the factors inherent in performing arts training can lead to a bad attitude in the ballet training and those might be:

Casting for the role of performance naturally is a problem. Everyone hopes he is ready for the lead role or solo, or realistically knows that they are not ready.

However, you are thrown, fairly or not, practicing and dancing in such roles is the most important role in ballet. Because. This is your role. That doesn’t mean you demand extra attention with excessive smiles or other types of exaggeration. You are ready for each class and practice. You carry out minimal socialization and do not join other complaints from ballet students who are not happy.

The professional attitude is mostly about self-control. Get advice outside the studio from family or friends, even other teachers. Free your emotional disappointment in a safe place.