For a nation like the U.S, it is vital to take the right decisions in order to stay relevant all around the globe. Thus one of the fundamental aspects that need the immediate focus of the U.S officials is to have a reliable yet strong foreign policy with Latin America.

This is because the requirements of the world today are different than before, and they demand an improved engagement with Latin America which is a great spin around point for the U.S. proposals. The economic well-being of America requires a focused, consistent and engaged policy towards Latin America.

Rob Sobhani is one of the renowned American authors as well as a political economist whose Huffington Post article recommends that at present it is vital that the U.S has a Latin American president. He further explained that it will shift America’s military, diplomatic, economic and political attention towards Latin America. 

Below mentioned are the points that indicate the significance of Latin America For the U.S:

  • At present, countries with developing economies have emerged to be taking spots absolutely divergent to the U.S. Thus at a time of declining U.S. influence it important to have regional allies such as Latin America. Because if not, they could be a spike in the side of the U.S. as it tries to implement its foreign policy schema.
  • There are security and strategic risks in the region. This is another major reason as the crime rate like violence, corruption, and drugs etc. has increased drastically which can affect the U.S as well.