Marijuana is legalized in more than dozens of US states including Michigan. Recreational marijuana was legalized in Michigan on November 6. However, driving with recreational marijuana still remains illegal in many stated as per the state government laws. But this is not the same case with Michigan marijuana transport.

When consuming marijuana is illegal while driving, transporting marijuana and marijuana products are not illegal in Michigan. A  person can have marijuana and marijuana products in the passenger area of a vehicle, so long as the driver is not consuming it, and the driver and any passenger are not smoking it.

As per the state legislature notices the drivers should keep marijuana products in a secure location in their vehicle, like a case, and ensure that products are sealed to avoid confrontation with police. Moreover, your product would be sealed properly as nobody wants to give the impression that they have recently used it.

While there are no requirements in the proposal for how recreational marijuana should be moved or transported, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act restrains patients and caregivers to how they can transport marijuana-infused products.

The marijuana industry has heeded with a great fortune in Michigan but this path of success was not unfettered from difficulties. The industry is still facing many challenges especially when it comes to marijuana safe transportation.

Marijuana safe transport has become the concern of every marijuana grower and business. Willingly there are some companies who begin offering secure transportation options for licensed Michigan medical marijuana companies.

These smart companies have partnered with an experienced group of Michigan based security experts to begin providing delivery and supply chain management solutions for the newly settled world of Michigan cannabis.

These secure marijuana transport services have smart security features and GPS has several years of legal cannabis distribution experience operating within the state’s strict recreational cannabis regulations, many of which were used as a model for drafting Michigan’s medical marijuana laws. Check out this site to know more about rules to transport medical marijuana across the state.