Staying in a hotel room can be a good option if you are traveling alone, but if you are traveling with colleagues and family or any other group of people, then staying in a serviced apartment is definitely a better option for many reasons.

Serviced apartments are most cost-effective:

The rates of Sydney serviced apartments are typically lower than that of hotel rates. A single unit of this apartment is larger than standard hotel rooms as they generally come in one, two or three bedrooms set.

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This means if you are traveling with a group of people, then this option is probably going to be the most cost-effective one to stay as it consists of a couple of bedrooms with a kitchen.

A typical serviced apartment has a fully stocked kitchen. Therefore, if you are traveling with family and children, you can cook your meals accordingly.

Serviced apartments are considered as a way to collaborate and socialize:

If you are traveling to an important place for a business meeting, then staying in a hotel room means that the only chance to meet and interact with offsite colleagues is through hotel restaurant over breakfast or dinner or by booking an expensive meeting room.

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Instead, the better option will be to book a large serviced apartment where everyone has their own private rooms and a common area (it can be a kitchen or dining area or a living room) to meet and interact.

Generally, serviced apartments such as Chatswood serviced apartments will have a “common area” which is separate from the sleeping area, where colleagues and clients can have an informal meetings or gatherings which cannot be done in small hotel rooms.

Moreover, if you are traveling with family, you will need some extra space and privacy so that you can do your office work in a bedroom and kids can play in living area.

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Serviced apartments are generally equipped with latest entertainment facilities including cable TV.