With the development in the technology, the opportunities to companies to make new tools which precisely take care of specific features of the data analytics procedures such as data formatting, data transformation, visualisation etc. has also been increased.

This advancement has created problems for older tools which were replaced by the new ones. Previously, MS Excel was used to be a standard tool that was used by most of the companies around the globe.

Tableau Software

But today the world has moved on to Tableau. This application has become the most preferred choice for dashboards and data visualisation, replacing the MS Excel’s capabilities. You may now find various places and websites for tableau consulting.

Let us see some of the points that make Tableau more preferable than MS Excel.

Computed Fields:

Tableau tool comes with a basic feature that is it permits the end-users to generate custom fields on the fly appropriate to enable the required values in a new column apart from the already existing data in the source files.

Tableau Server Data Flow

It adds a level of flexibility while generating dashboards in Tableau. It means that it covers the need to create new fields from existing fields in the needed formats.

Dynamic Dashboards:

With the help of Tableau, the end-users can create dynamic dashboards, which mean that the final dashboards will respond to some filters that can be applied to the final dashboard.

This permits the end-user to see their data at many levels from just a single dashboard.

Tableau Software Benefits

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Connects to Multiple data sources:

Tableau is considered as a very strong tool for connecting the data sources. It can connect to a variety of data sources such as Excel files, SQL databases, delimited text files etc.

Not just this, it can also access these sources at the same time and create joined tables from the tables as required by the end-user. This capability makes it more useful than the MS Excel.