There are many reasons why drug marijuana must be legalized. The main reason is the fact that it has been proven that medicinal marijuana can help those who are sick with certain diseases.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has other beneficial purposes. For example, THC commonly found in marijuana has been found to kill brain tumor cells. You can get detail about medical marijuana strains via

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Other studies have shown that THC found in marijuana can also kill breast tumors, pancreatic tumors, and liver tumors. This means that marijuana can prove to be very beneficial for men and women who have cancer.

Other men and women also say that legalizing marijuana can help the economy. If the United States legalizes drugs, regulates drugs and cannabis taxes, there is no doubt that it could potentially reduce the overall federal debt.

Receptors in a person's brain can allow the reception of cannabinoids such as THC. This receptor is also a large part of the body's receptor system.

After saying this, it is known that THC in marijuana can reduce pain and other stress symptoms from certain diseases. For example, this can reduce symptoms that are commonly associated with chemotherapy regimens.

Health Risk Myth

Although there are some health risks to smoking marijuana, there is no doubt that many of the health risks mentioned are simple myths. For example, no one has ever overdosed on marijuana. Also, while others believe that marijuana is addictive, research shows that marijuana does not cause physical addiction.