There are some tips given below you are sure to keep your skin healthy, fresh and fair even when you have reached the age of 50 or above:

• Always remove makeup before you jump into bed and making excuses for not being able to remove makeup.

• A proper diet is the best prevention of a disease or condition that may affect your health. If you want fresh and healthy skin, go for a proper diet with appropriate vitamins, proteins and nutrients. You can also get the latest tips to improve your health and lifestyle.

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• Drinking water goes hand in hand with having a proper diet and a natural way to maintain healthy skin. If you can take at least 8 glasses of water a day, it's a good regimen. We cannot list all the benefits that water can give you when you drink a lot of it.

• You may not know how much smoke can affect the skin texture and tone, and health.

• It is one of the most common that you need to know to keep your skin looking great – do not squeeze and pop your pimples.

• Never underestimate the importance of sleep and sleep cycles. If you do not sleep on time or getting enough sleep, you will notice your skin freshness fly within a month. Dark circles around the eyes and dull skin caused directly as soon as your sleep cycle is disturbed.

• Skin moisturizers should replace all greasy lotions and creams on your dressing table. If your skin moist is not right, you can have a variety of skin problems including acne.

• Exercise, hop, run and jump: these things when done regularly can make your skin as healthy as you could wish for.