In the digital printing, industry-wide format printers are considered as one of the greatest inventions. These printing machines have made it possible to produce large gigantic prints.

The prints produced have high picture quality and color accuracy.  The wide format printers are one of the specialized printers that are not found in households in general. These printers are found in studios and in commercial printing shops.

The wide format printer produces print within the width of 17 inches to hundred inches. The printing machine that produces wider than this range is called as super-wide format printer.


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Party banners

The event coordinators opt for professional-looking banners at their venue for a function. The party banners are usually made with wide format printers. These printers are much faster and economical than other commercial printing processes.  

Promotional banners and signage

Promotional banners and signage should be more attractive and appealing to attract the audience. These banners are usually created through wide format printers as these are often more attractive and appealing when created using wide format printers.

Engineering and architectural plans

The detailed plan produced by engineering and architectural firms need to be printed in a proper way. So, the use of wide format printers is used to produce their plans, drawings, and diagrams.


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The visual ads in the lectures and educational programs are printed through wide format printers.  The printed material for this purpose often includes maps and copies of valuable art. Some of the museums also makes the use of wide format printers to produce copies of the art objects and artifacts. These are further used in traveling lectures.

Graphic design

The used printing machine is often used in graphic designing.

Interior design and decoration

The wide format printers are often used in taking prints that are further used to decorate the house. Some people print posters, wall hangings using fabric that is friendly with wide format printers.You can click here for more information.