One of the most secure options that one can have for printing is Plastic ID card print machine. These printing machines are reasonable in rate and even a person having a small business can afford it easily for completing printing needs.

Most of the printers that you get in the market are plug and play. Such printers are easy to use and even its installation, management, directions are simple and understandable. With Plastic ID card printer, one can either print full color or just a single color card.  

These printers can print full-colored Id badges which have logos, pictures, barcodes, and information that is used for identification purpose. Even some printer can encode the magnetic stripes for access purpose and reporting abilities.


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ID card printers are basically used to print different types of identifications for various purposes. The type of prints that can be taken out from this printer is ID cards, club cards, access cards, loyalty cards, and other custom cards.

If the business has its own ID card printers then it can offer custom cards printing also for the local businesses.

There are few questions that must be asked before purchasing an Id card printer such as:


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  • Whether the printer can print on a single side or both sides?
  • With ID card printer a logo or photos can be printed?
  • Whether the card can be encoded?
  • What are security features that are required for identification purpose?

From the small-scale businesses to mid-level businesses, all prefer to use zebra card printer.  The reason for their popularity is that they are affordable and have bells and whistles that basically required for any ID printing.

There are various options of printers available online from where you can make a choice. Most popular high-quality printer brand are Fargo, Evolis, Magicard, Zebra, and Datacard. The main benefits of these printers are that they have magnetic stripes and contactless Encoders.  Check this out to know about new printers and software launched by Zebra.